About of online notepad system sector leader, the first system in the world and is the only interactive online notepad. You must first be logged in with a membership or facebook login our site to login. After you Join our system, you can save, share, add notebooks and you can do need to edit all the notebooks for you to be special reviews. Our system is compatible with all smartphones and tablets so you can do by logging in from any location with internet. You reach all your notes and shared other notes, can notes to download, can create a new note, can you comment on shared notes.

Our Innovations & Our Differences the most comprehensive online notepad website! as we have big differences from other online notepad websites. You can make it look the part of all notebooks in this site opening to share the notes you create in our system. You can like and comment to shared notes with the other users, or download to your computer. Also you can share your notebooks or other users' notebooks via facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.

Our system user follow is available. You can follow a user that you like. My Profile section of your profile, you can learn the number of people you follow and number of followers. You can see your shared and unshared notebooks on My Notebooks. To edit your profile "Edit Profile" you can use the option.

Mobile & Tablet Use to use the text panel

If you are using our system as a mobile or tablet there is a point in the text panel you need to pay attention to the use of. You should touch repeatedly two times for to use the option you want. You can touch once for what does it do.

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-Mail: please contact us at e-mail address.
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