Wild Orchid Subic: Only giving the best service

Our society does challenge us with lots of hardships and bigger responsibilities and in order to survive those difficulties, a person must strive harder. But no matter how strong you are as a person, you also need to give yourself a break and relax. People who work hard deserve praise and respect but it doesn’t mean to only revolve your life around working, you deserve to experience a good relaxation, and one of the great places that could provide you with that in Subic is at Wild Orchid Subic.


The staff of Wild Orchid had always been working hard to ensure the comfort of the guests. Even though their job might look simple to some, their dedication to doing their work is certainly impressive. If a guest had a concern, the staff would quickly find a way to solve their problem. But miscommunications or misunderstandings are unavoidable but one thing remained constant, the patience and kindness of the staff. And as they said, if the guest had a problem, they will always create a solution for them.


As previous guests said, Wild Orchid Subic was indeed a humble paradise. It might not be compared to the exteriors of big five star hotels in other huge cities, it’s certain that you would still feel you’re in a paradise even on a simple yet beautiful scenery of Wild Orchid. It has a well-maintained garden around its pool with its rich green color pleasing your eyes. The pool is surprisingly large enough for the guests to enjoy swimming. The room was clean and spacious, thus comfort is really in your hands by staying at the hotel.


What can make your stay at Wild Orchid Subic more exciting? The fact that it is located near the beach so as a guest, you can also enjoy a stroll at the shore or play a game of beach volleyball with family and friends. There’s no boring time with Wild Orchid because of its amazing amenities that will make you look forward to your stay.